By: Kim Humphrey, Director of Operations

Our closing circle is a tradition at each of our group nights. It’s a warm send-off to keep the feeling of love and support strong as our families head home. We recently added a new element: our closing circle rope. 

The rope has different colors of ribbon tied to it, each representing a feeling. When families choose their color, it opens the door to share a little more. We hear some share their sadness in missing their loved one. And some will share that they’re feeling particularly excited about seeing their favorite sports team play. 

When everyone has had a chance to share, one of the kids reads our closing poem. This month, Sawyer volunteered to read a poem that I feel in my soul every time I hear it. As I looked around at the others in the circle, I could see that they feel it too. 

You see, this poem sums up why we are at Billy’s Place. And to hear the sweet voice of a little girl read such powerful words was so impactful. 

When we lose a special person, 

We lose a piece of our heart. 

In the beginning the empty space is very painful, 

And navigating around it is truly an art. 

An identical replacement piece does not exist. 

But if we put in the work necessary, 

And refuse to let the pain just sit, 

One day we look up, and realize it all just fits. 

The good times, the sad times, the beautiful memories too, 

Are all a part of life’s journey, but it’s love that carries us through.