By: Melody Logan, Director of Programs

Man crouching next to orange flowers growing in dirt

At a recent peer support group night, we were reminded that no matter how far into their grief journey a person is, having a safe community of people who get it will always be important: 

One of our group night facilitators is a dad whose son died by suicide, and while he has often been open about his feelings, I have never heard him express himself in such a descriptive way:

“I feel like there is this deep, dark hole.”

He went on to share that sometimes he finds himself just staring into it – stuck in that place. When that happens, he reaches out to people who understand so he can talk about it. With his support system in place, he said, the hole begins to fill and he envisions a garden growing around it. 🌻🪻🌷 

This is the power of a community of people who get it and the HOPE 💜 we are honored to witness and support every day at Billy’s Place.