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Billy's Place serves kids and families experiencing grief through four core programs: Grief Peer Support Groups, Grief Informed Schools, Grief Resource Center, and Community Support and Education. Relying on both in-person and virtual support structures, these programs serve to create increasingly safe and supportive spaces for individuals and families. 

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Grief Peer Support Groups

Billy's Place serves as a cornerstone for diverse support groups, providing essential connections for children grieving the loss of a sibling, parent, or significant person. These support group nights, originally offered monthly, now serve as a vital means of connection, offering a safe haven for expression through a curriculum that includes art, play, music, and shared memories.

All support groups and events at Billy's Place are provided at no cost to families, thanks to generous support from individuals and organizations committed to creating a safe community for every grieving child and family. Billy's Place stands as a beacon of solace, offering diverse and tailored support to those navigating the challenging journey of grief.

Grief Informed Schools (GIS)

Born out of the Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative, GIS is a 6-hour training program delivered by Billy's Place School Bereavement Liaisons. After training, schools receive site visits, ongoing support, and additional resources to better understand and address the needs of grieving students.

In 2022, 47 schools benefited from Billy's Place GIS training, building on the success of the Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative.

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Grief Resource Center and Library

Recognizing diverse needs in grief journeys, Billy's Place provides a comprehensive Grief Resource Center and Library.

Accessible both online and at the Glendale office, these resources aim to streamline support for grieving kids and families.

The goal is to reduce the effort required for individuals to find help and meet their unique needs during the grieving process.

Community Education and Support

Community Support and Education raises awareness of the challenges kids and families face while grieving and shares resources to help.

Billy’s Place team members regularly present to organizations like rotary clubs and neighborhood organizations to bring awareness of the support available to kids and families in their communities.

We also continuously network with homecare, hospice, and other medical organizations who work alongside families at various points of their grief journeys to provide support and knowledge.

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