Two hands holding each other

From activities to events to the format of our peer support group nights, everything at Billy’s Place has a purpose. And this intention makes a difference, as we recently experienced during a closing circle.

Closing circle is a time when families have another opportunity to share their feelings or say what’s on their minds. Late last year, the group night coordinator mentioned how several people were approaching the anniversary of the death of their loved one. She shared with the group that everyone having the opportunity to outwardly express their grief is the definition of mourning.  

One of the moms in the group then burst out:

“Ohhh! That makes so much sense! That is why I feel so much better after I come to Billy’s Place.”

This is why we put so much thought into our curriculum, our activities, and our events. Something as simple as a closing circle created an a-ha moment for this family.

This is the kind of HOPE we see each day at Billy’s Place 💜.