We recently received this note from a Billy’s Place mom that shows the power of connections and compassion – a beautiful story of HOPE 💜.

We met Melody Pierce, Miss Arizona 2022 at a Billy’s Place event, Winter Wonderland. Then two months later, our family had butterflies hung at Butterfly Wonderland in honor of our beautiful daughters, Amara and Iris. While we were there, we happened to spot Melody Pierce once again!

Jayden was star struck and immediately wanted to know if she could take a photo with her 🤩. Melody, of course said yes. She has such a beautiful soul and is so absolutely genuine. 

Jayden met Melody Pierce, Miss Arizona 2022, at Billy’s Place’s Winter Wonderland event

Our year started out rough, because Jayden was diagnosed in January with an autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata, which causes hair loss. 

Between waking up with bald patches, having to cut 13 inches of her beautiful hair off, starting medications that hit her hard, and realizing this was a lifelong, incurable, and unpredictable disease, Jayden was feeling down. Her confidence and self esteem were impacted the most, though. She was so scared people would see her bald patches and she wasn’t ready for anyone to know about her diagnosis.  

Then there was the bullying at school. Jayden was bullied and even assaulted, to the point where she was scared to return to school.  

It was such a tough start to the year.

But, because of her connection through Billy’s Place, she had a new friend in Miss Arizona, herself! 

Melody Pierce invited Jayden to be her Princess at the 2023 Miss Arizona pageant in June. She got to accompany Melody on stage and participate in much of the action.

Melody Pierce and Princess Jayden at the 2023 Miss Arizona pageant

She enjoyed every moment and had a whole new sense of confidence that I had not seen in so long. 

As her mom, it has been so magical to see the transformation in her. From January’s tears and why’s to “I can’t wait to do this again next year!” 

She is a whole new girl. 

She walked out after her crowning on stage and said:

“This year started out so badly for me mommy, but look at me now!” 

I couldn’t help but cry, because it really has been such a roller coaster for all of us. 

We would have never met Miss Arizona to begin with had it not been for the incredible work of everyone at Billy’s Place! 

Thank you to everyone at Billy’s Place for absolutely everything. From those that work behind the scenes, the volunteers, to those serving pizza on group nights… we love and appreciate you all. 

Thank you for making this all possible!

This is HOPE 💜.