Kids Helping Kids: This is HOPE

By Melody Logan, Director of Programs

A young child in a white dress, arms spread wide, holding colorful balloons in a field at sunset, with text "this is hope" and a logo for "billy's place.

Community is what makes Billy’s Place truly special. At our core, we are families helping families. And we’re so proud of that. 

Recently I saw first-hand the power of families helping families. This time it was kids helping kids. 

Daniel began at Billy’s Place recently and was quite nervous when he arrived. He quickly settled in and by the end of the night was telling me how much fun he had! 

Fast forward a few weeks to the group’s next meeting and there was a new boy there for the first time, Matthew.

Daniel put his arm around Matthew and asked if he could show him around – knowing what it’s like to be in a place that isn’t yet familiar.

It was beautiful to see this young man paying it forward after just one night at Billy’s Place!

This is HOPE 💜.