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Billy's Place

Our Story

We are here for the children of our community!

Billy’s Place is a grief support group for children ages 3-30 and their immediate family members. This free grieving service is being offered in the West Valley to help families who have experienced a devastating loss. Billy’s Place is a nonprofit organization.

The need arose after my son Billy and I began coping with the sudden death of my husband, Mike. Billy was only 15 months old and our lives were changed forever. As a team, Billy & I have worked together to use what we have learned in our journey to help others know there is hope.

Billy's Place is a tribute to children and families who will be forever changed and challenged by the death of their loved ones. At Billy's Place we are proud to provide an organization that helps children and their families cope with the death of a significant person.

​Juli McGreal Schragel Founder, Billy's Place 

Our Impact

Billy’s Place is one of only three organizations in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and the only one in the Northwest Valley to embrace children who have lost a parent(s) or sibling. 

Providing a grieving center, a location of solace and safe expression is the sole reason Billy’s Place exists. We have impacted more than 1,350 kids, young adults, and families in 2019 and have been continuing to  support families virtually with online support groups.

Our groups are led by staff and trained volunteer facilitators who help to provide a safe environment for the children and teens to express themselves. All facilitators participate in a comprehensive training that teaches them about group facilitation skills and the impact of grief on children, teens and their families. Some facilitators have personal grief experiences and many are mental health professionals.  

Peer support in itself helps children in the grieving process. Grief can often cause children and teens to feel isolated and different from their friends. Knowing they are not alone, different or weird for their thoughts and feelings helps them cope in this strange, new world that is missing someone they love. 

Peer support/education groups have proven to be highly successful in helping children learn healthy coping skills, not feel isolated in their grief, and gain a renewed sense of hope. Children are able to remember loved ones, validate feelings, and speak to open ears.


When donating to Billy's Place, your donation goes directly to grieving children and their families in our community.

Because of your donations we are able to provide services at no cost to the families we serve.

Billy's Place is a 501 c 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your contribution.